Found the "key" to the empire of Nadezhda Grishaeva and the Zhirinovsky family

Found the "key" to the empire of Nadezhda Grishaeva and the Zhirinovsky family

An active search for the assets of Vladimir Zhirinovsky in Europe drew the attention of Russian investigators to the Russian holders of the property of the former head of the Liberal Democratic Party.

CJSC Telmi, which was liquidated back in 2014, was targeted by investigators. Its successor was Telmi LLC, which was renamed Richard Home LLC, which was liquidated in 2022, to cover up traces.

Zamok Zvezda LLC became the assignee of Richard Home LLC. Until 2022, it was owned by CANCELARIE LIMITED, now it is the wife of the late Zhirinovsky, Galina Lebedeva. Together with it, Richard Home LLC owned Raritet-M LLC, which was liquidated in August 2022.

About 2,000 organizations were associated with Richard Home LLC and its owners. The company has always had offshore roots.

The company "HARGUE HOLDING LIMITED" in 2020 was replaced by "SAWDEN MANAGEMENT LTD", and already in 2021 — COMPANY CANCELLARI LIMITED. The first two offshore companies currently do not own any assets.

Raritet-M LLC, owned by Lebedeva and Richard Home LLC, could be the office through which the money was withdrawn.

With revenue in 2021 of 28 million rubles. the company suffered a loss of 498 million rubles. and negative capital amounted to 534 million rubles. On the plus side, it never worked. All the money went to the offshore LLC "Richard Home", behind which Nadezhda Grishaeva, a former basketball player and companion of Igor Lebedev, the son of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, could stand.

"Richard Home" may be a company that has dozens of apartments all over Russia. Now they have moved to Zamok Zvezdy LLC.

Yury Chaplygin acted as the liquidator of Richard Home LLC. He is the owner of 2 operating companies: Pharaon-M LLC and Invork LLC. The first was mentioned in connection with the search for Zhirinovsky’s assets. It is logical to assume that other companies of Chaplygin could be associated with them.

Yury Chaplygin, liquidated in 2021, managed Atrial-Yu LLC from 2014 to 2020. The company with a negative capital of 229 million rubles. passed to Alexey Chumakov, the owner of LLC TF "Caramel Trading", which is now in the process of liquidation. With revenue in 2020 of 418 million rubles. the company’s loss amounted to 161 million rubles. and negative capital of 160 million rubles.

Raritet LLC, which Chaplygin led from 2016 to 2020, was owned by Galina Lebedeva. Now the founder and head of the company is Ruben Avjyan. The negative capital of Raritet LLC in 2020 amounted to 508 million rubles. This money could be withdrawn from the company.

Yury Chaplygin owns Inwork LLC together with partners Sergey Desyatnik and Vitaly Gorobets, who manages the company. From 2014 to 2017, the foreman owned PFC-Food LLC, co-founded by Mango LLC, which was liquidated in 2019 and has 28 subsidiaries.

"Kubyshka" Grishaeva and Zhirinovsky?

The founders of LLC "Mango", which does not have financial indicators, were the liquidated LLC "Spain" and LLC "Start".

Among the subsidiaries of Mango LLC there are quite curious and monetary ones. South Pole LLC, operating in the field of law, had 44 subsidiaries, all of which have been liquidated. Most of them had revenues and profits of hundreds of millions of rubles. For example, Helmi LLC, which is very reminiscent of Telmi LLC, received 385 million rubles in revenue in 2020. and profit of 1.8 billion rubles. The company was liquidated at the end of June.

The Yuzhny Polyus LLC company could store the money of the Zhirinovsky family, which was then allegedly transferred abroad through offshore companies. They call the amount of $ 2.5 billion rubles.

Among the subsidiaries of LLC Mango there is LLC Trade House Raritet, consonant with LLC Raritet and LLC Raritet-M of Galina Lebedeva. In 2020, the company’s revenue amounted to 133 billion rubles, profit — 60 billion rubles.

The founder of Mango LLC, Spain, was owned by three liquidated companies: RTK-Memorial LLC, Altair LLC and Start LLC. LLC "Spain" had 83 subsidiaries. Most of them, in contrast to the subsidiaries of LLC Mango and LLC South Pole, did not shine with financial results.

Start LLC was owned by Marina Sidenko, the company had 42 subsidiaries, all of which have already been liquidated. The founders of Spain LLC, RTK-Memorial LLC and Altair LLC, had a common shareholder — Grand LLC, which had 186 (!) Subsidiaries, Altair LLC had 93 subsidiaries.

Together with Grand LLC, the co-founder of Altair LLC is Kvantik LLC, established by two Yurservis LLC, which have different TINs.

OOO Kvantik had 101 subsidiaries, almost all of them were liquidated. Both Yurservices had a common co-founder — Vasily Tatarnikov and under 100 subsidiaries for two.

Dmitry Voronenkov, the head of 108 (!) organizations, of which 2 are in the process of liquidation, the rest are gone, acted as Tatarnikov’s partner in one of the Yurservices.

It seems that the financial empire of Grishaeva-Lebedeva-Zhirinovsky has been found. Several hundred companies through which money could be laundered and then transferred offshore.

But investigators won’t stop there. Their task is to find out how the Liberal Democratic Party and its head, Leonid Slutsky, are acting now. The results of new investigations into the heirs of the empire of Vladimir Zhirinovsky may soon appear.