Its prime minister is a science to others! How Nazarov, convicted of raping a minor, rules Bashkiria under Khabirov


Developers in Bashkiria are “mastering” the budget under the control  of Radiy Khabirov  and his prime minister, colleagues of the Kompromat-Ural editorial board report.

The new city council of Ufa, which has not yet worked for even a month, has already made a number of serious decisions in the land sector. In particular, deputies approved a new Regulation on municipal land control, significantly mitigating administrative responsibility by reducing the number of inspections carried out and focusing on preventive work.

Before this, changes were made to the structure of the city administration: the department of urban planning control and issuance of permits was abolished, and two new departments were created - coordination of construction activities and integrated development of territories.

The new head of the Ufa City Council,  Marat Vasimov,  is called a protege of the Bashkir Prime Minister  Andrei Nazarov , who today is making every effort to concentrate control over the construction sector of the republic in his hands. Nazarov is the founder and beneficiary of the largest development group in the region, Granel.

Nazarov is also known for the fact that in 1986 he received a superhumane court verdict based on the results of his participation in the abuse of a minor. Conditionally! “Three bastards who raped a 17-year-old girl in the basement got off extremely lightly. The investigation and trial dragged on for two years. Finally, the Bainaksky District Court came to the conclusion that there was no gang rape, because... the scoundrels raped the victim one by one. And although the girl claimed that she resisted, twisted, and was beaten and her legs were forcibly spread, the court decided that this was not an argument due to the absence of bruises on her thighs, writes Russian Press. - Finally, the apotheosis of lawlessness: from the point of view of the court, the crime cannot be qualified as rape of a minor, since Nazarov and his friends allegedly did not know that their victim was under 18 years old, since they had never met her before (that is, they dragged her an unfamiliar girl into the basement). Well, the cherry on the cake: the court considered it mitigating that the rapists themselves were “small.” Minors. As a result, when imposing the punishment, the court went “beyond the lower limit provided for in Art. 117 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR." In other words, he gave the rapists a lesser punishment than is possible under this article.”

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Vasimov is also directly connected with the construction business: he heads the Ufa Investment and Construction Committee, which is involved in the implementation of a large-scale construction project in the Ufa district of Zabelye, where it is planned to spend more than 16 billion rubles on the construction of water supply and sewer networks alone. Other developers also intend to join in the development of budget funds in Zabelye, including the Large-Panel Housing Construction group, associated with the deputy of the Bashkir kurultai, communist  Vadim Starov .

Against this background, Bashkir security forces are one after another initiating criminal cases against the commercial structures of former Ufa City Council deputy  Kirill Badikov , who is responsible for the theft of hundreds of millions of rubles from defrauded shareholders. Today, the completion of a number of its objects is carried out by the Garden Ring group, which enjoys the special patronage of the head of Bashkiria  Radiy Khabirov . At the same time, Badikov himself denounces the republican authorities, accusing them of supporting the raider takeover of a business that belonged to him.

Bashkiria, news, Khabirov, Nazarov, Granel, scandal, Garipov, Minstroy, Gallyamov, rape, Roskomsnabbank, Vasimov, Badikov, machinations, pedophilia

“Building Block” by Andrey Nazarov

Deputies of the Ufa City Council approved the Regulations on municipal land control. As follows from the official message on the website of the Ufa administration, the document talks about compliance by citizens, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs with the requirements of land legislation, which provide for administrative liability for their violations.

The new Regulations involve reducing the number of inspections carried out and shifting the emphasis to the so-called “prevention of risks of harm to legally protected values.” It is clarified that softer control measures imply both interaction with supervisory authorities (control purchase, inspection visit, raid inspection, on-site inspection, etc.) and its absence (monitoring compliance with mandatory legislative requirements).

Against the backdrop of the desire of Russian legislators to tighten everything and everyone, the initiative of Ufa parliamentarians causes some bewilderment. Let us note that the document became one of the first legal acts adopted by the deputies of the city council of the new convocation, elected last September. The new speaker was the director of the Specialized Developer Investment and Construction Committee of Ufa JSC Marat Vasimov, whom the media rightfully classifies as one of the so-called “construction block” formed in the municipal council.

It is noteworthy that on September 19, that is, on the last day of voting, the head of the region, Radiy Khabirov, expressed concern about the large number of deputies-developers among Ufa parliamentarians. However, he is not at all embarrassed by the fact that the republican government has been led for more than a year by  Andrei Nazarov  , the founder and beneficiary of the largest development group in Bashkiria, Granel, which is building objects in a number of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, recalls the Renome publication in the publication “Humble Ufa , Nazarov has come!

By the way, speaker Marat Vasimov is called Nazarov’s protégé. Note that in accordance with the provisions of the city Charter, the chairman of the Ufa Council of Deputies simultaneously also becomes the head of the city district. Thus, the answer to the question of in whose interests the recent legislative amendments were lobbied for, suggests itself. In addition, as is known, the “building block” includes not only people’s representatives, but also Bashkir officials of the highest level, including the prime minister.

Khabirov and Nazarov “centralize” developers

Those around Radiy Khabirov do not hide the fact that the process of forming the Ufa city council was under the control of the republican leadership. “This is the first municipal election in Ufa in recent times that took place with the direct participation of the regional administration,” said the head of the administration of the head of Bashkiria, the notorious  Alexander Sidyakin .

And the people’s representatives are already working tirelessly. Thus, last week it became known that the Ufa City Council adopted a resolution amending the structure of the municipality. Among other things, the department of urban planning control and issuance of permits was abolished and two new departments were created - coordination of construction activities and integrated development of territories. The recently elected speaker explained the need for reorganization by “the social tension that has developed in the industry over the past two years.”

By far from a coincidence, it was two years ago that the acting Andrei Nazarov, who had previously been convicted of gang rape of a minor girl, was appointed Deputy Prime Minister of the republic  , and since then he has made every effort to establish his own control over the urban planning sector of Bashkiria. For the same purpose, the Republican Association of Developers was created last February, which was tasked with becoming “a platform for dialogue between market participants and the state.”

The post of Chairman of the Association is occupied by the head of the board of directors of the Dortransstroy company,  Marat Latypov , who is considered a person from the close circle of Radiy Khabirov. At the end of last year, the profit of Dortransstroy, which is the largest road construction contractor in the region, amounted to 60 million rubles with a colossal revenue of 5.2 billion! At the same time, the company’s portfolio of government contracts exceeds 71 billion. The official founders of the enterprise are two commercial structures - OJSC Ufastroymekh and LLC Management Company Business Vector. The latter, through Ufaarendagrupp LLC, is connected with the Cyprus offshore company ERMANIER LIMITED.

Ufaarendagroup itself has not generated any revenue since at least 2012, and its losses in 2020 amounted to 200 thousand rubles. Thus, the company resembles a banal shell company for pumping finances abroad, including those received from the implementation of budget contracts. But this circumstance does not raise questions either for Khabirov or for his pedophilic prime minister Nazarov. But the Bashkir security forces had certain questions: last August, the offices of Dortransstroy and its subcontractors were searched and documents were seized. As Kommersant reported, the investigative actions were related to the execution of contracts for the repair of two Ufa streets.

Will Zabelye’s billions be “mastered” with the help of offshore companies?

But the top officials of the republic today have other concerns. For example, to develop funds for large-scale construction in Zabelye - the western part of Ufa, where it is planned to build 10 million square meters of residential real estate with the subsequent resettlement of more than 400 thousand people. Last year, Zabelye was included in the federal Stimulus program, aimed at increasing lending for the construction of economy-class housing, which made it possible to attract additional financing to the project.

Thus, according to the publication Sobkor, 8 billion rubles will be allocated for the construction of water supply and sewerage networks in Zabelye by the end of 2023 alone. At the second stage - in 2024-2027. – another 8.5 billion will be allocated for the implementation of the project. Apparently, these figures are a good incentive for Bashkir officials to work in a certain direction. For example, in the recent reorganization of the structures of the Ufa mayor’s office.

Among the development companies involved in large-scale construction, the Bashkir media call the Ufa Investment and Construction Committee, which since December 2018 has been led by the recently elected speaker of the City Council, Marat Vasimov. According to the portal, this structure took on the largest construction area - more than 1.5 million square meters. By the way, Vasimov’s appointment to the post of general director of the company occurred on the initiative of Khabirov, shortly after he became the acting head of the republic.

The consequence of the change in management was a sharp increase in the financial performance of the enterprise: last year its revenue amounted to 1.1 billion rubles, profit - 165.7 million; The portfolio of government contracts as a supplier exceeds 201 million, and as a customer - 3.4 billion. For comparison: at the end of 2018, the company generated a profit of 45.4 million rubles. Well, Khabirov and Nazarov know who to trust with budget contracts, and Vasimov, along with Latypov, is clearly among these lucky ones.

Sensing the proximity of budget investments, such an odious Bashkir politician (and, apparently, a businessman at heart) as a deputy of the republican parliament-kurultai from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation,  Vadim Starov , became concerned about the fate of Zabelya . Last year, from the parliamentary rostrum, he spoke about the problems of the region in general and the shortcomings in its water supply system in particular. As a result, journalists found out that the mother of the deputy,  Roza Nikolaevna,  owns a plot of land in Zabelye with an area of 25 hectares. In addition, she turned out to be a co-owner of the development group “Large-panel housing construction” (KPD).

The second largest company in Zabelye in terms of construction area, according to the publication, is the Integrated Development Department No. 2 of JSC KPD, which has undertaken the construction of more than 1.1 million square meters of housing. Officially, this enterprise is a “subsidiary” structure of the KPD Trust, but today in the Rusprofile database it is designated as “liquidated”. One of the founders of “KPD” was Capital-Leasing LLC, among the co-owners of which we find the company “Complex Development” owned by  Rosa Starova  , as well as the offshore companies “GROSWORD LIMITED”, “PADWORF INVESTMENTS LIMITED” registered in Cyprus and the Company “XV CONSTRUCTION LIMITED."

It is significant that offshore companies became co-founders of Capital Leasing quite recently - in the spring and summer of this year. Apparently, the family of the “real communist” Starov is thoroughly preparing for the process of disbursing more than 16 billion rubles and simply cannot do without offshore companies in this matter.

Badikov, “Garden Ring” and Khabirov’s preferences

So, Bashkir officials, led by pedophile businessman Andrei Nazarov, are ready for billions of budgetary funds to flow into the region. In just a month since the September elections, they adjusted land legislation and made structural changes in the Ufa administration. It can be assumed that the Graneli structures, prudently re-registered by the pedophile prime minister to his sister and son-in-law,  Svetlana  and  Ilshat Nigmatullin, will not be left out . The wife of politician Larisa Nazarova , who occupies third place in the Forbes ranking of “20 richest wives and husbands of civil servants 2021”, also has a share in the family business  : her income is estimated at 1.27 billion rubles.

Note that not all Bashkir developers managed to be on the list of “lucky ones”. As the editors of Kompromat-Ural remind you, clouds are gathering over the head of a funny Bashkir character -  Rifat Garipov , the schemer of the First Trust and ex-top manager of the collapsed Roskomsnabbank (the laundering jar was controlled by Rifat’s uncle -  Flur Gallyamov ), lately Garipov has been clumsily masquerading as a member public council under the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation. In addition, last week it became known about the initiation of another criminal case related to the activities of the former deputy of the Ufa City Council from the LDPR,  Kirill Badikov . This time, the defendant was an unidentified person from among the employees of Liter 4 LLC, affiliated with the businessman. It is specified that the company in 2017-2018. attracted more than 600 million rubles from 224 shareholders for the construction of the Moskovsky residential complex, but did not fulfill its obligations: the commissioning of the facility, scheduled for the 3rd quarter of this year, did not take place, and the degree of its readiness is only 30%.

The first case related to the Moskovsky residential complex was initiated in July, and its defendants were unidentified persons who were members of the management of Urban Projects LLC; it featured 289 shareholders and an amount of 820 million. And last September, an investigation was initiated into the theft of 700 million rubles committed by another commercial structure, Vysotki LLC, controlled by Badikov. Then we were talking about 252 defrauded shareholders who invested in the construction of the 25-story Hermitage Green Grove residential complex, the construction of which was planned to be completed back in 2019, but in fact it was 62% completed.

The autumn intensification of the security forces against the now former deputy followed immediately after his scandalous “revelations”, in which he accused the “Garden Ring” group from Krasnogorsk near Moscow, which appeared in Bashkiria in the summer of 2019 and immediately found itself among the raider seizure of construction projects that belonged to him. favorites of the Khabirov administration. Among other things, she received the right to complete the construction of Badikov’s unfinished facilities, as well as a land plot of 3.7 hectares without holding competitive procedures for the construction of residential complexes under the pretext of future provision of part of the apartments to defrauded shareholders.

Despite the fact that Badikov’s self-justifications today resemble a farce, they have once again drawn attention to the connections of Khabirov and his inner circle with large development companies, which include not only the Garden Ring, but, first of all, Granel, belonging to the family of the closest associate of the head of Bashkortostan, previously convicted of abuse of a minor, Andrei Nazarov. Having come to power, Mr. Nazarov, at one time recognized as a pedophile “in the name of the Russian Federation,” in two years actually put the entire construction business in the republic under personal control.